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Edward Tomasso

Career & Entrepreneurship

Edward Tomasso’s career in Business Management started to take shape before he even received his high school diploma. Along with teammates from his school’s cross country team, the high schooler managed a small apparel line called Run CT. Though short-lived, the project offered Edward Tomasso vital lessons on how to turn an idea into a business.

Under the guidance of his business class, Edward Tomasso introduced innovation to morning routine with his company Compresso. The company’s product catered to on-the-go coffee drinkers, relying on the technology of a collapsible coffee mug. Eager to give back to the community, all of Compresso’s profits were donated to the Boys & Girls Club. By the company’s 10th week, Compresso achieved a profit margin reaching 103% return on the original investment. From an imagined idea to tangible product, Edward Tomasso took his invention through every step of development. The success of the project motivated him to persist in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Compresso project offered Edward Tomasso a tantalizing taste at web-based marketing. In 2014, he carried those promotion tactics into the professional world by working with Dive Advisor. He took on the role of Social Media Manager for the Dubai-based scuba diving company, overseeing marketing ventures during the application’s beta testing period.

Today, Edward Tomasso seeks to pump productivity into the world of one of his life’s passions: golf. Having worked at his family’s golf course for years, the sport remains close to the entrepreneur’s heart. That’s why he is currently developing a software company for the golf industry. The project is currently in its infancy, but the young business professional eagerly anticipates the journey of crafting his idea into something real and palpable. To follow along with Edward Tomasso’s latest entrepreneurial endeavors, check out his blog and other social media profiles.


Adventure Photography & World Travel

In 2015, Edward Tomasso moved to Milan, Italy to pursue an education at Università Bocconi. The move infected him with a serious case of the travel bug. Taking his camera along for the ride, Edward Tomasso has become a self-proclaimed adventure photographer. While living in Italy, the photographer has snapped breathtaking scenes in Florence, Venice, Rome, Pompeii and Naples. When the adventurer becomes bogged down by his coursework, he seeks out the fresh air of creativity with his camera in hand.

It comes as no surprise that Edward Tomasso selected Università Bocconi to satisfy his desire of seeking out the unknown. Centered in the heart of northern Italy, Milan is rich in culture, bustle and opportunity. With his professional focus on the world of business, there seems to be no better -- nor more globally-minded -- city to pursue an education in than Milan. World renowned as an alpha city, the municipality is home to artistic revolutions in fashion, architecture, business and design. Inspiration drifts in the city’s air, landing on Edward Tomasso’s lens time and time again.

Stateside, Edward Tomasso’s favorite home turf escapade takes him to the Aloha State -- Hawaii. Capturing his exploration of the state’s gorgeous islands feels more like a privilege than a past time for the traveler. While visiting Hawaii and its islands, Edward Tomasso has collected shots of dark caves, fierce volcanoes and lush plant life.

While studying in Italy, he has developed a fascination with traveling across Europe. One of his favorite stops is Switzerland. The photographer has collected portraits of the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva and the Aletsch Glacier. In particular, Edward Tomasso is deeply fascinated by the city of Zurich, the country’s largest city. Rich in stunning architecture and antiquity, Zurich’s streets present infinite photo opportunities.

To keep up with his exploits, follow Edward Tomasso’s photography portfolios on Instagram and 500px. Culture meets amusement in his alluring snaps captured around the globe!


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